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It all started with four - somewhat unusual but delightful - scent combinations: orange & jasmine, lavender & rosemary, radish & bergamot, and basil & vetiver. This left us wanting more. Marcel put together 14 unique fragrances that make washing and cleaning a party! Discover them here.

Peach & Jasmine

What do you get when you combine the sweet scent of peach with the floral perfume of blue jasmine? Forever a summer feeling! With this fragrance combination, you'll feel like you're in a Mediterranean garden...


Basil & Vetiver


Argan & Oudh


Lavender & Rosemary


Vanilla & Cotton


Mimosa & Blackcurrant


Orange & Jasmine

Jasmine carries a mysterious, intoxicating tone and is rumored to be a romantic aphrodisiac. If that doesn't enhance your relationship with cleaning! Fortunately, the orange adds the necessary down-to-earth and freshness here. After all, we're here to...


Patchouli & Cranberry


Radish & Bergamot


Vanilla & Cherry Blossom


Sandalwood & Cardamom

Sandalwood is a commonly used ingredient in perfumes. When you smell sandalwood, you perceive earthy, warm, and woody tones. Add to that the oriental, sweet-spicy, and fresh aroma of cardamom, and you've got the perfect fragrance combination.


Tonka & Muguet