Marcel's sustainable shampoo and plastic-free shampoo bars are gentle on both your hair and the planet. They are packed with natural ingredients that provide hydration and softness. And, not to mention, they also have a delightful fragrance!

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For Marcel - who is already experiencing a bit of hair loss - it's actually a bit too late, but for his daughters with their beautiful long hair, the shampoos are exactly what they need: made with ingredients that are gentle on both your hair and the planet.

With Marcel's sustainable shampoo, every day is a good hair day! And we mean it for real because during that wash, you no longer have to worry about harmful substances for your hair or the planet. Marcel's shampoo is at least 97% biodegradable and 100% vegan. Whether you opt for the liquid shampoo or the shampoo bar, packaging has also been considered. The bottles of our sustainable liquid shampoos are made from 100% recycled plastic, and our shampoo bars even come in 100% plastic-free packaging. Who would have thought that washing your hair could feel this good? But... as tempting as it may be, don't spend too long in the shower!

First things first: with Marcel's sustainable shampoo and shampoo bars, you're making a sustainable choice either way. Both options are better for you and our planet. The main difference between our liquid shampoo and shampoo bar lies in the packaging. If you opt for a shampoo bar, you're choosing a plastic-free packaging. Plus, one shampoo bar is equivalent to three bottles of liquid shampoo, making it last longer. So, it's 2-0 in favor of the shampoo bar. However, the bottles of our liquid shampoo are made from 100% recycled plastic. It ultimately depends on your preference. If a shampoo bar isn't your thing and you prefer liquid shampoo, that's perfectly fine too, as long as you choose our sustainable version, of course!

Well, we all know how to wash our hands with a bar of soap. But our hair? That's a different story! No worries, it's actually quite easy, just a matter of getting used to it. Okay, here it goes: start by wetting your hair, which should be manageable in the shower. Then, rub the shampoo bar between your palms to create lather. Next, run the shampoo bar over your hair, from the roots to the tips. Set the bar aside and wash your hair as you normally would: massage the foam through your hair and rinse thoroughly. That's it!

To store your shampoo bar between washes, place it in a dry location, such as on a soap dish, a small plate, or in a pouch. Leaving your shampoo bar in the shower can cause a significant amount of the soap to be lost, which is neither eco-friendly nor cost-effective. Nice to know: when you're traveling, you can easily bring your shampoo bar along! Marcel's shampoo bars make excellent travel companions, and their convenient packaging allows for easy transportation. Plus, you won't have to worry about leaking bottles in your toiletry bag or airport security hassles.

Whether you have very fine hair or a thick mane of curls, Marcel's shampoo bars are suitable for all hair types. The shampoo bars all contain argan oil, which promotes shiny, nourished hair and a healthy scalp. The only difference among our shampoo bars is their scents. You can choose from the sweet-spicy Argan & Oudh, the floral Vanilla & Cherry Blossom, or the fresh Tonka & Muguet fragrance. One thing to consider, though, is how often you should wash your hair. Some people's hair becomes oily much faster than others, influenced by factors such as diet (unhealthy eating), daily activities (sweating due to exercise), and hygiene (touching your hair with oily hands). There are also factors beyond your control, like the weather (hot weather can make your hair oilier more quickly) and your hair type (fine hair may appear oilier than thick hair). If you have fine hair, you might need to wash it slightly more frequently than someone with a full head of curls. Discover what works best for your hair type and be mindful not to use too much; you really don't need much of our shampoo bars!