Fabric softener

Marcel's sustainable fabric softener smells delightful, is vegan, made with the finest natural ingredients, and is at least 97% biodegradable. It's gentle on your laundry and the planet.

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Fabric softener

Marcel's Green Soap fabric softener is gentle on your laundry and the planet, leaving your clothes and bedding smelling wonderful.

I, dirty laundry? Well, you might think your clothes are nice and clean when they come out of the washing machine, but did you know that the environment takes a hard hit from an average laundry wash? Laundry detergents and fabric softeners with harmful ingredients burden our planet. This can and must change. By choosing Marcel's Green Soap's fabric softener, which is at least 97% biodegradable, you contribute to cleaning up the planet. Yes, you read that right: sustainable fabric softener that doesn't smell fishy. Although... our unique scent combinations like Vanilla & Cotton or Patchouli & Cranberry will make your laundry smell delightful all day long!

Did you know that many fabric softeners contain beef fat? Yes, it's true! A lot of well-known brands include animal ingredients in their fabric softeners. Often, this is in the form of 'sodium tallowate', a fancy term for saponified beef fat. Essentially, anything with the word ‘tallow’ is related to animal fat. For many consumers, the ingredient lists on laundry and cleaning product packaging are incomprehensible, leaving them unaware that they are washing with animal fats almost every day. It's definitely something you'd want to know, right? Marcel prefers to harness plant power for his products. Nature is filled with powerful and nurturing substances. Why not use them?

Unlike regular fabric softeners, sustainable fabric softeners are packed with natural ingredients. This way, not only does your laundry become clean, but you also contribute to cleaning the world around you. With Marcel’s Green Soap sustainable fabric softener, you can do your laundry with peace of mind. That's the kind of fabric softener that brings joy.