Laundry detergent

Marcel's Green Soap laundry detergent smells delightful, is crafted from top-quality biodegradable ingredients, and is palm oil-free. It ensures a clean wash without harming the planet.

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Laundry detergent

Marcel's Green Soap laundry detergent is the only liquid detergent in the Netherlands without palm oil. That's truly clean. Are you also palm oil-free in your washing routine?

It all began when Marcel saw the images of rainforests being cleared to make way for new palm oil plantations. This made Marcel think: if the demand for palm oil continues to rise, and the rainforests keep shrinking, the Earth will heat up even more. Will the planet still be inhabitable for his three daughters in the future? "The only solution to slow down the growth of new palm oil plantations is to use less palm oil." Marcel took action. He decided to make his laundry detergent, a product we all use (almost) daily, palm oil-free. With this product, we can make the most significant impact. Read here why. By collectively being more mindful of palm oil, we can make a difference. Will you join us? Try our palm oil-free laundry detergent and truly wash clean!

Me, dirty laundry? Well... you might think your clothes come out of the washing machine nice and clean, but did you know that the environment takes a beating from an average laundry cycle? Laundry detergents with harmful ingredients burden our planet. It can be different. By choosing Marcel's Green Soap laundry detergent, which is at least 97% biodegradable, you contribute to washing the planet clean. Yes, you read that right: sustainable laundry detergent with no catch. Although... our unique scent combinations like Vanilla & Cotton or Patchouli & Cranberry will leave your laundry smelling delightful all day long!

Unlike regular laundry detergent, sustainable laundry detergent is packed with natural ingredients. This not only cleans your laundry but also makes the world around you a little cleaner. With Marcel's Green Soap sustainable laundry detergent, you can do your laundry with peace of mind. That's detergent that brings joy!

It's the question on everyone's mind when looking for a greener way to do laundry. Liquid detergent or powder detergent: which one is better? Each product has its pros and cons. For instance, powder detergent scores points in terms of packaging: 100% plastic-free. However, liquid detergent scores points when it comes to fewer microplastics in the water. Why? Clothing experiences more wear and tear during washing when you use powder detergent. This results in fibers being released, which eventually end up in the sewage system after the wash. This may seem harmless, but it's a problem for clothing made from synthetic materials like polyester, acrylic, and fleece. Powder detergent granules, due to the presence of zeolite (a non-soluble mineral), have a kind of 'scrub' function that causes clothing fibers to come loose more easily. So, there are environmental considerations for both forms of detergent.

We say is not without reason: doing laundry is not very complicated. For the right amount of detergent, it's best to follow the dosing advice on the detergent packaging. Marcel's advice? The dirtier the laundry, the more detergent you should use. It's easy to use too much detergent because your laundry isn't always really dirty. It's a waste of your money and not good for the planet. Oh, and before you enthusiastically pour the detergent into the various compartments in the detergent drawer, check the user manual of your washing machine to see what those compartments are for. This prevents the detergent from prematurely running out of the drawer.