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Our laundry and cleaning products last for at least 3 years. However, trust us, they'll likely be used up long before then! For our personal care products, it is recommended to use them within 12 months after opening the packaging.

Marcel's Green Soap dishwasher tablets and capsules are packaged in a soluble film. This way, you don't have to search for scissors with wet hands to remove the plastic. The film is made of cornstarch and dissolves during the wash.

Biodegradability is the process in which organic compounds, meaning substances containing carbon and hydrogen, are broken down by the natural ('biological') activity of microorganisms, among others. All organic compounds in Marcel’s Green Soap products are ultimately 100% biodegradable. However, our products often contain salts. These salts are used for pH balance, dissolving dirt, and also to thicken the products. Salts are not biodegradable, hence the 97%.

Marcel's Green Soap cleaning products are formulated to be used on natural stone, marble, wooden floors, and parquet. It is advisable to test the product on a small corner before using it extensively, as they are still natural products.

We strive to make as many products palm oil-free as possible. For some of our products, this is not yet feasible. Our suppliers of palm and coconut oil components are all Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified sustainable palm oil suppliers. This supports the growth of sustainable palm and coconut oil products. RSPO is the only organization actively working on sustainable palm oil products, and it includes organizations such as WWF, Greenpeace, and Oxfam Novib. More information can be found at www.rspo.org.

All our products are vegan. The glycerin we use is also plant-based. We do not test our products on animals, and we ensure that our suppliers do not conduct animal testing. Additionally, our products are safe to use in the presence of animals.

All our products are safe to use around animals!

All our products (both personal care and home care) are free of microplastics. Marcel's tip: Scan your products with the Beat the microbead app.. That way, you always know if your product is free of microplastics!

All our products are safe to use on black sanitaryware. However, we recommend testing a small corner of the sanitaryware before cleaning it enthusiastically. Better safe than sorry!

For this, we need to play devil's advocate: soap (even biodegradable soap like ours) is not actually intended to be thrown on plants. While you can dispose of your dishwater in nature occasionally, using used dishwater as a standard practice to grow plants might not be the best idea. Our products are 97% biodegradable. The remaining 3% consists of salts that remain (salts are not biodegradable).

In our hand soap, shower gel, and shampoo, there is a very small amount of SLES (which is much milder than SLS) to create lather. The SLES variant we use is extra mild. Unfortunately, you cannot determine this from the name on the label. But not all SLES is the same. Additionally, we always add extra moisturizing ingredients (vegetable glycerin and aloe vera) to counter any potential drying effect SLES might have. Why do we use SLES? If you replace SLES with ingredients that seem more 'natural' or 'green' to obtain, you might need 8 times more raw materials, making your product less sustainable. Sustainability, naturalness, and veganism are different things. For us, sustainability always comes first. And finally, you can never look at one raw material and conclude whether a product is sustainable or not. A formulation consists of many more raw materials. We also consider biodegradability (our soaps are always at least 97%), how ingredients are obtained in the first place (minimizing raw materials and energy), and of course, packaging (the soaps are in bottles made from recycled plastic from the Netherlands. The caps are also made of recycled plastic. We opt for thin labels that are easily washable due to the special glue we choose, making the bottle 100% recyclable). All our products are dermatologically tested. When we find a replacement ingredient that is just as sustainable, we switch immediately. Unfortunately, we haven't found one yet for our hand soap, shower gel, and shampoo.

We are busy behind the scenes working on new refills (and other products). Do you miss a product in our assortment? Feel free to send us an email at info@marcelsgreensoap.com, and who knows, we might have your idea in our assortment in the future!

At the moment, our washing liquidsfabric softenersdeodorant sticks, and conditioner bars are palmoil free! You can recognize this by the palmoil free button on the packaging.

Our detergent cannot be used for wool washing. It is better to use a special detergent for this, so that the laundry remains beautiful! But who knows, we might develop a special detergent for this in the future! Stay tuned :)

It may take some time to get used to a deodorant stick. But once you understand how to use the product, you will never want to do anything else! The deodorant stick can feel a bit stiff, which is why you should first let it warm up on your skin. You do this as follows: you remove the cap from the deo stick, push the deo stick up, place it on your armpit and let the deo stick 'warm up' before you start rolling. Hold this for 5 seconds and then move the stick back and forth over your armpit. Note: you don't need much of this deodorant. Two lines in the hollow of each armpit is enough!

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