Our soapies are available both online and in physical stores, including some major chains like Albert Heijn and Kruidvat. Check the Where to Buy page for an overview of all sales points.

We often get the question if Marcel actually exists. Yes, he really does! Curious about Marcel and his three daughters' story? You can read it on Marcel's story.

Yes, certainly! We sell our products through Amazon. Additionally, you can find more retail locations on the "Where to Buy" page on our French, German, and English websites.

Het verhaal van Marcel’s Green Soap begon met een slim idee. Het gootsteenkastje van Marcel en zijn 3 dochters stond vol agressieve spullen waar de wereld niet bepaald schoner van werd. Dat moest anders kunnen: een schoon huis én een schone planeet. Hij stortte zich op het ontwikkelen van duurzame zeep. Het hele verhaal van Marcel's Green Soap lees je hier.

Marcel's Green Soap is ontstaan in Haarlem en nog steeds is ons hoofdkantoor hier te vinden.

Actually, it's the other way around! We, along with Driehoek Zeep, are part of The Green Soap Company.

Our Soap Office is located in the heart of Haarlem, The Netherlands. It's really cool because we work in an old housekeeping school. So, the circle is nicely complete ;). You can find the directions on our contact page.

We still have a small team. More people are joining, and unfortunately, someone may leave from time to time. Curious about our current team? Take a look at our team page.

How nice that you want to apply to our company! All our job openings are listed on our Careers webpage. Hope to see you soon :)

Through our contact page, you can ask us a question through email or give us a call.

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