Patchouli & cranberry


Patchouli has a deep, rich scent with notes of earth, wood, and a subtle sweetness. The fragrance is effective in combating unwanted odors. In the sixties, patchouli was quite popular for masking the scent of a rebellious cigarette. For the perfect scent combination, we've complemented patchouli with the fresh, tart aroma of cranberry. Fresh!

Spicy & Soothing

The warm and earthy scent of patchouli is known for its calming properties and is often appreciated for its ability to promote relaxation. The characteristic and spicy aroma, derived from the patchouli plant, has a rich history and is still widely used in perfumes.

Fruity & Refreshing

The fresh and sweet scent of cranberry instantly brings a lively energy to the air. The fruity aroma of cranberry is known for its invigorating character and is therefore widely used in perfumes and wellness products.

Invigorating Surprise

The surprising fusion of patchouli and cranberry transports you to the time of hippies, travel, and carefree freedom. This unique fragrance combination enchants your senses with a perfectly balanced blend of warmth and vitality.

Patchouli, with its rich and captivating history, originated in Southeast Asia, particularly in countries like India, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Initially used to protect textiles from moths, traders soon discovered the unique and pleasant scent of the dried leaves. During the 19th century, patchouli gained global fame in perfumery and experienced a renewed popularity during the 1960s and 1970s, becoming a symbol of the hippie movement. Today, patchouli is widely used in aromatherapy for its alleged calming properties and remains a beloved ingredient in perfumes and wellness products.

The cranberry, also known as the lingonberry, has its origins in North America, where indigenous peoples have been using these red berries for food and medicinal purposes for centuries. During the 19th century, American growers began focusing on the commercial cultivation of cranberries. The peat soils of northern states, such as Massachusetts and Wisconsin, proved to be ideal growing areas for these berries. The cranberry industry flourished, and with the introduction of more advanced harvesting methods, such as the flood and harvest system, production further increased. Today, the cranberry is a globally appreciated fruit. The berry is often associated with the traditional Thanksgiving meal and is known for its unique taste and health benefits, including antioxidant properties.

did you know…

... patchouli was extremely popular among hippies in the 60s and was also referred to as the scent of freedom? Flower power!

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