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Immerse yourself in the tale of Thousand and One Nights with the rich, nutty fragrance combination of Argan & Oudh. We create argan oil from the fruits of the tree of beauty, and oudh is a resin that protects and beautifies the agarwood tree. It's a treat your skin would love every day!

Warm & Earthy

The subtle and nutty scent of argan oil is like a gentle caress for the senses. The pleasant aromas not only provide warmth, but argan oil is also known for its moisturizing properties that nourish and soften the skin.

Rich & Relaxing

The rich and complex scent of oudh enchants with its woody and smoky notes. In addition to its mysterious aroma, oudh is known for its relaxing properties that promote peace and inner calm.

Mystical blend

The enchanting harmony of argan and oudh is like a journey to mystical realms - a seductive blend that not only envelops the senses with warm woody notes but also bathes the skin in luxury. Let yourself be carried away to the tale of 1001 nights with this exotic duo.

Argan oil has a rich history deeply intertwined with Moroccan culture and is often referred to as 'liquid gold' due to its valuable properties. Originating from the southwestern regions of Morocco where the argan tree thrives, the history of argan oil is steeped in age-old traditions, with Berber women passing down their knowledge of harvesting and processing argan nuts into oil from generation to generation. This precious oil, with applications in both culinary and cosmetics, is not only a vital part of the local economy but also contributes to the well-being of women by providing employment. UNESCO has recognized the argan tree as a World Heritage site for its ecological and cultural significance, and internationally, argan oil is highly regarded for its health benefits and cosmetic value.

Oudh, also known as agarwood, carries an intriguing history rooted in ancient civilizations in Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. The precious resin from the agarwood tree is known as oudh. Oudh holds profound cultural and religious meanings and is often used in rituals and ceremonies, as well as in the traditional medicine of Asian cultures, where it is associated with calming and meditative properties. The history of oudh extends to trade routes, where it became a valuable commodity and a status symbol of luxury. With its spread across the world, oudh retained its prominent position in perfumery and cultural practices.

Did you know…

... argan oil is also referred to as 'liquid gold'? This beautiful nickname is attributed to both the precious properties and the golden color of the oil.

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