Mimosa & Blackcurrant


Mimosa was used by the Egyptians as a symbol of resurrection and immortality. Combined with the fruity scent of blackcurrant, this fragrance combination ensures that you'll stay fresh forever!

Relaxing & Soothing

The enchanting and delicate scent of the mimosa flower is like a gentle embrace, promoting relaxation and invoking a sense of serenity. The floral aromas are often used to reduce stress and create a calming atmosphere.

Uplifting & Refreshing

The enchanting scent of blackcurrant is known for its delightful fruitiness and invigorating properties, providing an energy boost. The refreshing aromas are often used to give the mind a lift.

Seductive Freshness

The seductive harmony of mimosa and blackcurrant creates a fragrant symphony that is both sophisticated and fresh. While mimosa adds a touch of softness, the energetic undertone of black currant dances through the air, creating an enchanting combination that caresses the senses.

The mimosa, or acacia flower, has a rich history dating back to the Mediterranean region and parts of Asia. The flower symbolizes sensitivity, tenderness, and femininity. During the Victorian era, it was popular as a decorative element in bouquets. In the 19th century, mimosa made its way to Europe and quickly became a beloved flower in French culture, especially in the French Riviera region. Mimosa became associated with the celebration of the Spring Festival, where it was used in parades and festivities. Today, mimosa is appreciated not only for its aesthetic value but also for its soothing fragrance, often used in perfumes and aromatherapy.

The blackcurrant originally grew wild in parts of Europe and Asia. During the Middle Ages, people began cultivating blackcurrants, primarily for their medicinal properties. In the 17th century, blackcurrants became more popular in Europe as a culinary ingredient and were also used to make syrups and liqueurs. During World War II, blackcurrants were even promoted in the United Kingdom for their high vitamin C content. Today, blackcurrants are globally appreciated for their rich flavor and nutritional value. The scent of blackcurrant is often used in cosmetics and aromatherapy due to its refreshing and uplifting qualities.

did you know…

... the leaves of the mimosa plant fold upon touch? This is seen as evidence that plants not only live but also respond quickly.

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