Soap holders

Marcel's Green Soap scent lingers for a long time, and now so does the bottle! With a convenient and plastic-free soap holder made of matte black steel, you'll always have Marcel’s shampoo, hand soap, and dishwashing liquid at your fingertips.

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Soap holders

It's always a challenge: where to put those soap bottles in the shower or bathroom? They often end up somewhere on the floor, the sink, or by the window. Fortunately, Marcel has created two beautiful soap holders that you can hang in your bathroom. This way, you always have your shampoo and hand soap within reach, and your bathroom and toilet will look clean and tidy again. Want to hang that handy soap holder in the kitchen too? No problem! Marcel’s ecological dishwashing liquid fits in it as well.

In the bathroom, no shelves or bins filled with bottles, on the countertop or sink, no soap dispensers getting in the way. Nope, from now on, your soap hangs conveniently on the wall with a single soap holder or double soap holder from Marcel’s Green Soap. Hang the soap holder(s) in a convenient spot on the wall, and you'll always have your favourite soap at hand. Easy to use, a treat for your eyes. Because, after all, aesthetics matter too!

The soap holder can be attached to the wall using two screws. Both the single soap holder and the double soap holder have two holes in the back of the holder. Drill two screws through these holes, and your soap holder won't go anywhere! Screws are not included. There are already so many of them on the planet! You probably have some lying around somewhere. Prefer not to use screws? There are other options as well, such as an adhesive strip that you can attach to the wall without the need for drilling. Once you have your soap holder hanging on the wall, you can put it to use. Place your favorite soap bottle in the holder, insert the pump from the top, and tighten it securely.

Unlike many regular soap holders, Marcel’s soap holders are completely plastic-free. They are made of matte black steel, a sturdy material in a timeless design that ensures the soap holders can last a lifetime. So, very sustainable!