New! Washing liquid refills

New! Washing liquid refills

For everyone looking for affordable and sustainable laundry solutions, Marcel’s Green Soap now offers detergent refills. And that's great news (if we say so ourselves), because we are the first eco brand in the Netherlands to introduce detergent refill pouches in supermarkets.

Marcel’s Green Soap detergent refill

Why choose detergent refill pouches? Well, there are plenty of benefits. Opting for refill pouches is not only environmentally friendly but also economical. Did you know, for instance, that you save 85% of plastic when you buy a refill pouch instead of a detergent bottle? Refill pouches are also more cost-effective. So, if you want to wash sustainably without breaking the bank, refills are a great option. Below are all the benefits of our detergent refill pouches:
  • Conveniently resealable with a handy screw cap
  • One liter of detergent, sufficient for 23 washes
  • 85% less plastic than a bottle
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • And there's more…

More washes in a bottle

In addition to the new detergent refills, the bottled detergents have also been upgraded. The detergents now come in a redesigned bottle shape that pours better and contains less plastic. Moreover, the formula is more concentrated, providing 23 washes per bottle instead of 19. This means you can do almost 20% more laundry than before, making sustainable washing more affordable for everyone.

Introducing Marcel’s Green Soap color detergent

We have also developed a new color variant for extra protection and care of colored laundry. This new variant comes in a delightful peach and jasmine scent. And soon, a matching fabric softener will also be available in our range. This way, that lovely summery scent will linger even longer in your clothes!

Sustainably clean at 20 degrees

Our detergents already wash clean at 20 degrees Celsius. So, you can easily wash lightly soiled laundry at 20 degrees. Washing at lower temperatures saves a lot of energy while still getting the laundry equally clean. If your laundry has stubborn stains, it's advisable to wash at 40 degrees.

Microplastic-free formula

Of course, our detergents - like all other Marcel’s Green Soap products - have always been free of microplastics. But now, this is also clearly stated on the packaging. To help consumers make the right choice at the shelf, you'll now find the label 'microplastics free formula' on more and more of our products.

Palm oil-free detergent

All our detergents and fabric softeners are palm oil-free. Nothing has changed in that regard. Did you know that Marcel’s Green Soap was the first in the Netherlands to introduce a liquid palm oil-free detergent? Read more about why we prefer to avoid palm oil in our products in this article.
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