What are your Green Resolutions?

What are your Green Resolutions?

A green, healthy, and happy 2024, who wouldn't want that?! And that's why we made a list of 7 green resolutions to challenge the whole family to live more sustainably and save money. Win-win, for you and the planet.

Keeping resolutions isn't always easy. Often, we're done with them after a month. It helps when you involve the whole family - or your group of friends - and offer a reward when you've kept the resolutions for the whole year.

#1 Save energy and money

Saving energy is still a hot topic in 2024. Whereas we used to set the thermostat without hesitation at 25 degrees, we now think twice. A good sweater, wool socks, and a heated cushion work wonders for the gas bill and the planet. See it as a challenge to stay below those 1200 cubic meters per year. Nowadays, many energy suppliers have an app where you can track your usage. This way, you'll save hundreds of euros per year! Extra tip: hang thick curtains in front of the windows and front door. Small investment, big effect.


Nothing is as relaxing as a long shower session, but that means a lot of liters of drinking water are lost. Of course, sometimes a person needs it, but at all other times, a quick shower is enough to feel fresh. Hang a shower timer so that all family members can see how long they have to rinse off their favorite Marcel’s Green Soap shower gel. Read here for other tips on saving water at home.

The longer you keep these green resolutions, the more they become part of your daily routine, making it impossible to go back. And the planet will be very grateful for that!


Did you know that we open 7 packages per person every day? Not surprising that 20% of our total waste consists of packaging. At the same time, those packages do reduce food waste, so we can't do without them either. A good resolution for 2024: try to be a bit more conscious about packaging:
  • Use refill packages;
  • Don't take plastic bags when buying your fruits & vegetables at the supermarket. Use a reusable bag instead;
  • Use a reusable water bottle and coffee-to-go cup;
  • Bring your own bag to the supermarket.

Also important: give plastic packaging a chance for a second life by throwing them in the plastic waste.


Did the postman knock on your door a lot in 2023? Then it's a good resolution to consume less in 2024: only buy what you really need, choose sustainable products, and shop second-hand and/or locally as much as possible.
Extra tip: boost your own wallet by selling items you no longer use.


Microplastics have a negative impact on the environment and our health. Therefore, choose microplastic-free products in 2024. Luckily, these are increasingly available in supermarkets and drugstores. Psst... did you know that all products from Marcel’s Green Soap are microplastic-free?


Not only your household, but also your bookkeeping can be greener! Choose a bank and insurer that have the best interests of people and the environment at heart. Check here the policy scores of different banks and insurers.


Whether you have an electric car or drive a diesel - the bike is always a greener choice! Leave the car for short trips and enjoy cycling more often. Really, the fresh air makes you happy!

We wish you a happy, healthy, and green 2024!
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