Nice and sustainable: Refill packaging

Nice and sustainable: Refill packaging

Do you recognize this situation? You buy a beautiful bottle of hand soap, shampoo, or all-purpose cleaner, and when the bottle is empty, you have to throw it away... What a waste! Luckily, Marcel's Green Soap now offers more and more refill packages. Find out why refill packages are the future and how you can refill your Marcel's Green Soap products here.

Our Plastic Footprint

At Marcel's Green Soap, we not only prioritize finding the best plant-based ingredients that are good for your home, skin, and the environment, but we also prioritize ensuring that the packaging of our products is not harmful to the environment. Every week, millions of liters of cleaning products are flushed down the drain. And every week, millions of plastic bottles end up in the environment. That needs to change!

According to two new studies conducted by an international team of scientists, the growth of global plastic production is outpacing the world's capacity to collect plastic waste.

"Reducing this flow of plastic waste can only succeed if the rapidly increasing production of newly manufactured plastic is slowed down."

And what about the existing amount of plastic waste on the planet? It can be reduced with the help of existing technologies. "These include collecting and recycling waste, redesigning products to eliminate the use of non-recyclable plastics, expanding options for refill packaging, and in some cases, replacing existing materials. However, solutions such as recycling (currently only 15% of plastics are recycled in the Netherlands) should be greatly expanded." It's high time for action!

100% Recycled Plastic

Marcel's Green Soap was the first brand in Western Europe to introduce bottles made of 100% recycled plastic. By using these bottles, we collect more plastic than we use, reducing the amount of plastic waste. But if we can ensure that these beautiful recycled bottles are also used for much longer, that's even better. That's why you can now refill many of our products. At the bottom of this article, you'll find all the refill packages from Marcel's Green Soap.

Why Refill Packages?

Refill packages allow us to reduce the enormous (plastic) waste stream together. By purchasing a refill package directly when buying a bottle of hand soap or all-purpose cleaner, you can use your stock for much longer and avoid having to reorder as quickly. Together, we save a lot of bottles and transportation costs. And besides being good for the environment, refill packages are also good for your wallet. Refill packages are cheaper. This way, we ensure that refilling becomes more accessible and attractive for everyone. Have you already started refilling your recycled plastic bottles? Below, you'll find out how to refill Marcel's Green Soap bottles.

Refilling Hand Soap

For our hand soaps, we have developed special refill packages: the hand soap refill pouches. With these, you can refill all hand soap bottles of 250ml and 500ml. By purchasing this refill package instead of a new bottle of hand soap, you use 79% less plastic. Don't forget to recycle this packaging as well.

Refilling All-Purpose Cleaner

Out of all-purpose cleaner? You can now refill our all-purpose cleaners and all-purpose cleaner sprays with a 5L bulk package of the all-purpose cleaner. That'll last you a really long time! The jerry can easily fits under the sink or in your pantry. Good for the planet and your wallet.

Marcel's Green Soap is working behind the scenes on developing more refill packages, so who knows, you might find even more refill options in our range soon.

Plastic-Free Cleaning

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