Feel good cleaning

That's the motto of Marcel's Green Soap. Because washing and cleaning with products that also make the planet happy, feels a lot better, right? And all this without having to compromise on a pleasant fragrance and foam. That is what Marcel calls Feel Good Cleaning

Sustainably packaged

For Marcel, it's not only important to find the best ingredients for his soaps, but also packaging that is not harmful to the planet. That's why all products come in plastic-free packaging or in a bottle made of 100% recycled plastic. Additionally, we also have refills available for most of our products, helping us all to save a lot of plastic.

By using Marcel’s Green Soap products, you help stop the massive production of plastic and prevent millions of bottles from ending up in landfills or nature every week. This way, we collect more plastic than we use, reducing the plastic soup. And that's great because Marcel dislikes plastic soup! Don't you?

We don't need new plastic; there's enough plastic on our planet! That's why Marcel’s Green Soap opts for bottles made from 100% recycled plastic, created from old plastic packaging. By using recycled materials for packaging, we reduce the amount of (plastic) waste and slow down the production of new plastic.

With refills, we can collectively reduce the enormous (plastic) waste stream. By purchasing a refill directly when or after buying a bottle of hand soap or all-purpose cleaner, you can make your supply last much longer and avoid the need to reorder quickly. This way, we save a lot of bottles and transportation costs together. In addition to being environmentally friendly, refill packages are also budget-friendly, as they are cheaper. This ensures that refilling becomes more accessible and appealing to everyone.

Packed with natural ingredients


Every soap from Marcel's Green Soap is packed with natural ingredients. This means that the products are made with ingredients that largely come from nature and are not harmful to the environment, your home, or your body.

All our soaps are at least 97% biodegradable. Biodegradable ingredients break down completely into water, energy, and biomass. Non-biodegradable ingredients can leave traces and pollute the environment. The remnants of our products mostly end up in the sewer system. This means that almost all harmful substances are removed from the water. By giving our products the highest possible percentage of biodegradability, we are helping the system along.

Did you know that all products from Marcel’s Green Soap are 100% vegan? Or, perhaps, a better question is, did you know that there are still laundry and cleaning products that are not vegan? Yes, really, some brands use animal ingredients such as beef fat or beeswax. There are also brands that test their products on animals. Marcel prefers to use 'plant power' for his products. Nature is full of powerful and nourishing substances. Why not use them?

The negative consequences of plastic on our planet are becoming increasingly severe. And the plastic particles are getting smaller... Despite alarming reports about microplastics, they are still being used in the products of many big brands. But not in ours. Marcel’s Green Soap products have always been free of microplastics. And since January 2023, they officially carry the 'Zero Plastic Inside' certification from the Plastic Soup Foundation.

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