how marcel's soap adventure started

The story of Marcel's Green Soap began with a clever idea. Marcel and his three daughters had a cabinet full of aggressive cleaning products that weren't exactly making the world cleaner. It had to be different: a clean home and a clean planet. He set out to develop sustainable soap.

First stock of soap in Marcel's pantry

Marcel found a small soap factory in Utrecht that could take on the production. Before he knew it, his pantry was full of soap!

First packages by bike

It all started by bike: cycling to fill the shelves in stores and, with the help of his daughters, send out orders from the webshop.

Marcel moves to the first household school in the Netherlands

The team starts to grow, and Marcel moves from his kitchen to an office space in the Greiner, the first household school in the Netherlands.

On the shelf at major supermarkets

It worked! Marcel's Green Soap is now also available at major supermarkets in The Netherlands, such as Albert Heijn.

Introduction of plastic-free bars

In 2020, Marcel also introduces a completely plastic-free alternative: shampoo bars, body bars, and deodorant.

First palm oil-free laundry detergent in the Netherlands

After a few months of intensive testing and development, Marcel introduces the first liquid palm oil-free laundry detergent in the Netherlands.

Rebranding Marcel's Green Soap

A fresh new look for Marcel's Green Soap! Marcel's soaps stand out on the shelves in their new packaging.

Marcel's Green Soap is fully committed to refills

2023 is the year of refills. For many of our soapies, a refill package is now available. Good for the planet and your wallet!

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