Meet our all-rounders

Meet our all-rounders

Allow us to introduce you to Marcel’s Green Soap all-purpose cleaners. They are true multitaskers. They'll make your countertop, floor, bathroom, and kitchen sparkle and smell fantastic in no time. Whatever surface you present to our all-purpose cleaners, they'll handle it with ease. Handy, isn't it? That way, you only need one bottle for the whole household! (Well, almost ;-))


A bottle for the floor, one for the countertop, another for the bathroom… who doesn't have them? Over time, you accumulate quite a collection of cleaning products – before you know it, your entire sink cabinet is full of bottles. The best part: often, all those specific cleaning products work the same way. Everything you need has been in the same bottle all along: the all-purpose cleaner. Well, it didn't get its name for nothing. All-purpose cleaner can be used for – you guessed it – all surfaces in the house.

Marcel's Green Soap all-purpose cleaners are formulated to be used on, among other things: natural stone, marble, wooden floors, and parquet. So, you no longer need many of those other bottles. How nice is that? What can still be useful, though, is an all-purpose cleaner spray: perfect for quick cleaning jobs in between. You can then use the all-purpose cleaner bottle for all your extensive cleaning moments. And to refill the spray bottle!


Spray bottle empty? You can use our large all-purpose cleaners (750 ML) as a refill for the spray. This is because the all-purpose cleaner in the bottle is concentrated. How do you do it? Pour 125ml of the large all-purpose cleaner into the spray bottle and fill the bottle with tap water. And then… Shake & spray! You can refill the spray bottle 6 times with one bottle of all-purpose cleaner. This saves significantly on plastic and reduces the number of bottles we need to transport.


In addition to using refill packaging, the way you use all-purpose cleaner can also make a positive difference. Consider, for example, the amount of hot water you use. Fill a small bucket instead of a large one. It's also smart to let the all-purpose cleaner soak in on the dirt and then scrub well afterward, so you need less of it. Better for the environment and your wallet.


Unlike regular all-purpose cleaners, Marcel's ecologically-friendly all-purpose cleaners are packed with natural ingredients. So, no parabens, acids, ammonia, chlorine, and dyes: all substances that can be harmful to the environment, your home, or your body. That feels much better, doesn't it? We call it Feel Good Cleaning. And, bonus: by using an ecological all-purpose cleaner, you're not flushing any mess down the drain! That way, we're working together towards a cleaner planet. Are you in? You can shop our all-purpose cleaners here.
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