Sustainable deo in recycled aluminium

Sustainable deo in recycled aluminium

Our plastic-free deodorant sticks have been a favourite for years, but not everyone can get used to using a stick. And that's why we have expanded our range to include a deodorant roller and spray in 3 great scents and -of course- packaged in 100% recycled materials, including recycled aluminium.

Spray or roller?

Marcel's Green Soap's deo-stick is one of the most sustainable deodorants: palm oil-free, plastic-free and it lasts you a long time. But fair is fair: not everyone is a fan of using a deo-stick. Because rolling or spraying is just that little bit quicker and easier. We want everyone to get through the day with underarm freshness, so we have extended our deodorant range with a roller and spray. The new soapies are available in your favourite scents Argan & Oudh, Vanilla & Cherry Blossom and Mimosa & Blackcurrant.

Gentle on your skin and the planet

Our deos provide 24-hour protection, do not stain clothes, are microplastic-free, 100% vegan and free of aluminium salts. The bottle and cap of the deodorant roller are made of 100% recycled plastic and has a ball made of bio-based plastic. The spray is packaged in 100% recycled aluminium.

Free of aluminium salts

Whether you prefer to roll, spray or lubricate - aluminium salts do not enter our deodorants. These salts are added to deodorants to reduce sweating. In recent years, aluminium salts have received a nasty aftertaste, as it is said to possibly affect health. Although science has not been able to prove this link, we want you to feel good about using your daily deodorant. And that's why our sustainable deodorants are free of aluminium salts.

Packaged in 100% recycled aluminium

We may not be fans of aluminium salts, but we are big fans of aluminium. After all, this material is infinitely recyclable. And we love it! So we have packaged our new deo sprays in 100% recycled aluminium. How about that?

Like plastic, aluminium has some really good properties: it is strong, lightweight and you can mould it into all sorts of shapes. But, like plastic, aluminium does not decompose. An aluminium can that ends up in nature stays there forever. So we need to prevent metal packaging from ending up in the environment or in landfills, and we can do this by recycling it.

Since 1 April 2023, there has been a deposit on aluminium cans, which means less aluminium ends up in the environment and more aluminium is available for recycling. All the collected aluminium is melted into a new product. And so your can of soda may end up returning as a sustainable deodorant.

Run out of deodorant? Throw it in the PMD waste (Plastic, Metal & Drinks cartons) so it can be recycled again!

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