100% vegan

100% vegan

Did you know that all products from Marcel's Green Soap are 100% vegan? Or, perhaps a better question, did you know that there are still laundry and cleaning products that are not vegan? Yes, really, some brands use animal ingredients such as beef tallow or beeswax. There are also brands that test their products on animals. Marcel aims for a clean home, clean laundry, and clean skin without animal cruelty.


Marcel finds it strange that so many animal ingredients are still used in laundry and cleaning products. Think, for example, of beef tallow in soap or slaughterhouse by-products in fabric softeners: remnants of animals unfit for human consumption are used to clean the clothes we wear on our bodies. And yet, natural ingredients clean just as well. Many ecological brands have already proven this! Marcel also prefers to use 'plant power' for his products. Nature is full of powerful and nurturing substances. Why shouldn't we use them?


Since 2013, there has been a ban in Europe on testing personal care products on animals. Animal testing is not allowed for making cosmetic products or testing their safety. The ban applies not only to the product itself but also to the individual ingredients and testing worldwide. This seems like good news, but unfortunately, this ban does not yet apply to cleaning products. Rats, mice, rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs are still used for experiments. This can lead to vomiting, tremors, organ failure, paralysis, and even death. And if the animals do survive the experiments, they are usually killed afterwards. Just like with cosmetics, animal testing is completely unnecessary for developing cleaning products.

"Most cleaning manufacturers have a laboratory to test products. Marcel has something similar, namely a house with three daughters."


Do you have pets and want to clean your home without worries? Then don't use aggressive chemical cleaning products. Residues of the product left on, for example, the floor, can stick to your pet's paws or fur. When they groom themselves, they can ingest harmful substances. Naturally, we want to prevent this. Fortunately, Marcel's ecological products are also safe to use around animals. So you don't have to worry about anything while cleaning!
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