New! Marcel's Green Soap Fabric Softener

New! Marcel's Green Soap Fabric Softener

Yes indeed, we're welcoming yet another new product to the Marcel’s Green Soap family. The long-awaited sister of our eco-friendly laundry detergent is here: Marcel’s Green Soap fabric softener is a reality! Vegan, palm oil-free, made with natural ingredients, and designed to make your clothes and bedding smell delightful.

Sustainable fabric softener

Marcel’s Green Soap palm oil-free fabric softener is made with natural ingredients, at least 97% biodegradable, and comes in a bottle made of 100% recycled plastic. So not only do you wash your laundry clean, but you also contribute to cleaning up the world around you! And that's necessary because the harmful substances in fabric softeners burden our planet. By choosing Marcel's Green Soap's sustainable fabric softener, you don't have to worry about that. Yes, you read it right: sustainable fabric softener with no downside. Well, except... the unique scent combinations of Patchouli & Cranberry or Vanilla & Cotton will make your laundry smell extra nice for a long time!

Vegan fabric softener

Did you know that a lot of fabric softeners contain beef fat? Ugh! Residues from animals not fit for human consumption are used to clean the clothes we wear on our bodies. And yet, natural ingredients can clean just as effectively. Many eco-friendly brands have already proven this! Marcel prefers to harness the power of plants for his products. Nature is full of powerful and nurturing substances. Why not make use of them?

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