Even more sustainable now: 100% palm oil-free dishwasher tablets from Marcel’s Green Soap

Even more sustainable now: 100% palm oil-free dishwasher tablets from Marcel’s Green Soap

Something new: Marcel’s Green Soap dishwasher tablets are now even more sustainable. They were already 100% vegan and (micro)plastic-free, but now they are also 100% palm oil-free and packaged more compactly. Why? You can read all about it here.

Sustainable Dishwashing

Marcel’s Green Soap has had ecological dishwasher tablets in its range for a while now. These are made with natural ingredients, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, (micro)plastic-free, and 99% biodegradable. Not bad, especially when compared to other dishwasher tablets. Those are often full of harmful preservatives, colorants, and aggressive dirt-removing agents. Yet, even without these ingredients, you can still get your dishes beautifully clean! Marcel’s Green Soap dishwasher tablets have proven that. Still, we are always looking for ways to make our products even more sustainable. And we've succeeded. We have improved our dishwasher tablets in three ways.

#1 Tighter Packaging

In the packaging of our dishwasher tablets, we saw room for improvement. Literally. The tabs were a bit loose in the box (made of 100% recycled cardboard). This meant that unnecessarily much packaging material was used, and - more importantly - all that empty space took up a lot of storage and transportation space. Marcel thought this could be better. Now we stack our tabs tightly in a more compact packaging. And instead of 24 pieces, there are now 25 tabs in one package. This means the truck has to make fewer trips, and we save on storage. Yes indeed: size does matter when it comes to sustainability.

#2 100% Palm Oil-Free

There is much said and written about palm oil. How does it go again? Palm oil is seen worldwide as a ‘miracle oil’ because it makes products creamier, softer, and more effective. You need very little of it, and it is relatively cheap. So it's logical that there is a high demand for this ‘miracle oil’. But to meet this demand, large parts of rainforest are disappearing rapidly to make way for palm oil plantations. While we desperately need the rainforest for biodiversity on our planet and for absorbing CO2. Moreover, this is the habitat of the orangutan and other wildlife. Completely banning palm oil is not the solution according to us - read our palm oil statement for this - but the demand must go down. And that's why we try to make our products as palm oil-free as possible. Earlier, we introduced the first palm oil-free liquid detergent in the Netherlands to the market, and now our dishwasher tablets are also 100% palm oil-free. Just as effective as before, but even better for the planet.

#3 Even More Dishwasher-Friendly

Finally, our new palm oil-free dishwasher tablets have an improved drying time and ensure that your dishes shine even more in the cupboard.

What about the foil?

Each dishwasher tablet is wrapped in a tight foil to prevent the tab from crumbling or dissolving too early. It might feel a bit strange, but you can put the tab with the foil in the dishwasher compartment. The foil dissolves on its own. Although it has a plastic appearance, it is made of corn starch and - of course - free of (micro)plastics. After contact with (warm) water, the foil dissolves quickly, allowing the soap to do its job and preventing blockages in the drain.

The renewed dishwasher tablets from Marcel’s Green Soap are now available.
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