What to do with the last pieces of soap bar?

What to do with the last pieces of soap bar?

If you've been using a plastic-free shampoo bar or body bar in the shower for a while, you probably know this feeling: after a few months, only a few small pieces of your bar are left. It's a shame to throw them away, isn't it? Luckily, you don't have to, because Marcel has a great solution for that. Here's how you can breathe new life into those last pieces of shampoo or shower bar. Just when you thought you were being eco-friendly, you end up with soap scraps that you can't use anymore! We understand that frustration all too well, and that's why we went in search of the solution. We even found two!


A soap pouch is a must-have in your (sustainable) bathroom equipment in 2021. A soap pouch is not only handy for storing your soap, but you can also use it to wash! How does it work? Simple: put the last pieces of soap into the pouch, wet the pouch with the soap inside a bit, and you can wash your body or hair with it. This way, you can even use the smallest pieces of soap bars. It doesn't get more sustainable than this!

Don't forget to hang up your soap pouch after showering to let it dry. This way, your soap will last the longest. The drier the bar stays between washes, the longer it will last. And here's a little tip: make sure you have 2 different soap pouches on hand. One for your shampoo bar and the other for your body bar. And if you're trying to consume less, you can also just use a (baby) sock. Or a washcloth.


Another handy tip is to use the last pieces of your soap bar as shaving foam. How does it work? Simple: wet the leftovers of your soap bar, rub the product (with a washcloth if it's easier) over the skin you want to shave, and shave it, baby!

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