10 Tips to Save Water at Home

10 Tips to Save Water at Home

Showering, doing dishes, watering the garden, doing laundry, brushing teeth... Every day, an average family consumes about five hundred liters of pure drinking water. 500! Marcel’s Green Soap shows you that it can be different, because by making small adjustments in your daily routine, you can save hundreds of liters of water per year. How? You'll find out here:

1. Use a shower timer

We understand it well; there's nothing like daydreaming in the shower. But before you know it, you've been in there for ten minutes. And one minute of showering is about eight liters of drinking water. Do the math! So, make it a goal to shower as briefly as possible and use a shower timer or hourglass.

2. Opt for bars instead of bottles

Did you know that an average bottle of liquid shampoo consists of eighty percent water? While our shampoo, conditioner, and body bars contain hardly any water. Additionally, less water is used in the production of the bars. An additional advantage: the bars are completely plastic-free. Another reason to switch to Marcel’s Green Soap bars!

3. Do laundry in the bath

Nice, a warm bath, but it's not really economical. Because a bath session requires about 120 liters of pure drinking water. And it also needs to be heated! But we understand that sometimes it's nice to relax in a bath, especially in cold weather. Then, for example, take your dirty laundry with you in the bath. That saves water!

4. Shower together

By showering together, you save hundreds of liters per year. And it's fun too!

5. Turn off the tap in between

Every drop counts, so turn off the tap while you brush your teeth or soap up your hair or hands.

6. Use eco-friendly products

The looming drinking water shortage in the Netherlands is not only due to dry summers and increasing demand, but also because the water is becoming increasingly polluted. Among other things, due to the aggressive chemical products we flush down the drain. Marcel’s Green Soap cleaning & care products are at least 97% biodegradable, minimizing their environmental impact.

7. Collect shower water

Does it take a while for your shower to warm up and do you fear the cold water? Collect the water in buckets or a large basin. This collected drinking water can be used to flush your toilet, water the plants, or make tea.

8. A traditional basin of soapy water

Don't let the tap run when washing dishes by hand, but use a traditional basin of soapy water. Also, don't rinse the dishes you put in the dishwasher under the running tap, but use kitchen paper or - even better - a knife to scrape off food residues from the plate.

9. Wait until it's full

Perhaps obvious, but still essential in this list: wait until the dishwasher and washing machine are full before turning them on. And use the eco-setting of your machines to save water.

10. Use rainwater to water your garden

Watering the garden for fifteen minutes with a garden hose costs about a hundred liters of water. Therefore, put a rain barrel in your garden to water the plants with rainwater. Good for the garden, better for the environment.

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