Our Green Soap Mission: What Makes Marcel’s Green Soap Sustainable?

Our Green Soap Mission: What Makes Marcel’s Green Soap Sustainable?

Marcel’s sustainable soap mission started at the kitchen table: under the watchful eyes of his daughters, he developed soap that smells great, cleans effectively, and is better for the planet. He calls it ‘feel good cleaning.’ But what does Marcel’s Green Soap actually mean by sustainable? Read on to find out more.

Sustainable Priorities

Marcel's Green Soap has several sustainability priorities, which are:

  1. Packaging (recycled, refillable)
  2. Ingredients (microplastic-free, vegan)
  3. After use (biodegradable, recyclable packaging)
  4. Origin (locally produced)

Below, we delve deeper into these sustainability themes and what Marcel’s Green Soap does to achieve these sustainable goals.

100% Recycled and Recyclable Packaging

The light gray appearance and black cap make Marcel’s Green Soap’s iconic bottles the stars of the cleaning aisle. Whether you find the light gray color attractive or not, it significantly contributes to our sustainable soap mission. The bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic, which naturally has a light gray color. We do not add any dyes! Besides being the most environmentally friendly way to process recycled plastic into new packaging, this ‘colorless’ plastic is also easier to recycle. Thus, the circle is complete.


Speaking of bottles, did you know you can refill them? The bottle lasts a long time, so it’s a shame to discard it after one use, right?! Marcel believes refilling is the future. That’s why we offer refills for more and more products.

Refilling is the Future!

  • By reusing existing plastic packaging, we reduce the plastic waste stream and slow down the production of new plastic.
  • Refills are more compact and contain more product, reducing the amount of freight needed to transport more soap.
  • You get more out of your stock, saving a lot of bottles and transport costs.
  • Your wallet will thank you: refills are cheaper.

Vegan & Microplastic-Free

Of course, it’s not just about the appearance of our soap. What’s inside the bottles is at least as sustainable as the packaging itself. In our laboratory, we experiment tirelessly to develop the most sustainable soap possible that smells good, works well, and is affordable. The result: a growing collection of home and care products that are 100% vegan and - of course! - microplastic-free. And where possible: palm oil-free. There’s much to say about this, so read our take on palm oil.

Fun fact: Marcel’s Green Soap is sustainable soap, not 100% natural soap. Tell me more!

At Least 97% Biodegradable

Our soap mission doesn’t stop after your shower or cleaning session. The soap residues that leave your house via the drain are at least 97% biodegradable. This means that our products do not harm our planet even after use. Is the bottle empty? Refill it! Or: dispose of the bottle (or empty refill packaging) in the plastic waste, and we’ll ensure the plastic gets recycled!

Locally Produced

Did you know all our products are locally produced? That means: right here in the Netherlands. If that’s not sustainable! There’s no need for flight shame or unnecessary freight to get the bottles on the shelves. The recycled plastic for our packaging also comes from the Netherlands. So, every plastic package you discard (in the plastic waste, of course) could potentially transform into a new shampoo bottle from Marcel’s Green Soap.

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