Using less plastic at home? Here's how you can do it

Using less plastic at home? Here's how you can do it

You probably don't think about it very often, but we use a lot of plastic every day. Due to our excessive use of plastic, an amount of plastic waste equivalent to 11 Olympic swimming pools ends up in the sea every hour. This can and should be different. Do you want to contribute to a plastic-free planet? There's a lot to be gained at home, and it doesn't even take much effort. Nowadays, there are plenty of plastic-free alternatives. Marcel helps you get started with tips for each room.

Less plastic in the kitchen

It's high time to take a closer look at the kitchen, as there's a lot of improvement to be made here. Make sure to use up and stop buying plastic sandwich bags, cling film, bottles, and straws that you throw away after single use. Instead, opt for reusable sandwich wraps, a lunchbox, and a reusable water bottle or coffee cup. Not only does this save plastic, but it's also ideal for on-the-go.

Furthermore, make room for wooden kitchen tools like brushes and spatulas, and choose sponges made of natural materials. Want to make sure that little to no microplastics end up in your food? Swap plastic cutting boards for bamboo ones. Bamboo is a very sustainable material, biodegradable, and hygienic. And to prevent or reduce food waste, you can easily store leftover food in beeswax wraps or glass jars.

Less plastic in the bathroom

With a few small adjustments, you can also make your bathroom plastic-free in no time. Opt for zero-waste products such as reusable cotton pads and swabs, plastic-free soap bars, and deodorant sticks in cardboard packaging. Did you know that by swapping liquid soaps for plastic-free soap bars, you save about 60 plastic bottles per year? Not only does the planet benefit from this, but so does your wallet. Marcel happens to know a place for plastic-free deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body, and hand soap bars ;)

You can even brush your teeth without using plastic. By replacing your plastic toothbrush with a bamboo one and using toothpaste tabs, you save a lot of plastic. Additionally, invest in a good, plastic-free razor where you only need to replace the blade every once in a while. And... if you happen to get a cut while shaving, no worries, there are also plastic-free band-aids!

Less plastic in and around the house

You can also reduce plastic while shopping. For example, bring your own bag or go to the market to shop completely packaging-free. And maybe you've already read it: at Albert Heijn, you can now also shop without packaging. This allows you to fill your favorite products in a reusable bag or jar, so you come home with a lot fewer disposable packaging. If you prefer to shop online, you also have the option to shop without packaging. For example, think of delivery service Pieter Pot, which delivers groceries in glass jars.

To save even more plastic, you can also buy bulk or refill packages for hand soap, all-purpose cleaner, detergent, and shower gel. And if you still occasionally buy products in plastic packaging, make sure to go for 100% recycled plastic. Don't forget to return the bottles to the plastic waste after use. This way, we keep the circle closed.

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